Nefermenu's building tables: index

Nefermenu's comments on the tables:

I wanted a simple table that would list all the information I want, namely:

  1. how big the buildings are = how much room they take
  2. how many employees are needed
  3. the actual appeal numbers (when I'm playing I don't have the time to decipher the step, size and range numbers, I need them like now)
  4. what each building costs and in different difficulty levels

I wanted to make it as easy to use as possible, so e.g. farms are listed under several names. An example:
Dairy = Goat Farm = Farm Goat
Use whatever you want.

The size numbers: if a building is e.g. size 3, it means that it takes 3X3 place.

Some tables had some of these numbers but not all, and in some cases there were errors. I have now checked and compiled (and re-checked some of) the info.

They may still be errors in this table, but I'm happy with it. If you see errors, leave me a note.

It seems that some buildings have strange appeal effects that don't follow rules, e.g. Palace. I have only taken the DES, STP, SZE and RNG figures found in Zeus Model Data and calculated the desirability effects from them.


EMP = Employees needed
Difficulty levels (numbers reflect building cost):
VE = Very Easy = Beginner
E = Easy = Mortal
N = Normal = Hero
H = Hard = Titan
VH = Very Hard = Olympian