Bribe Costs

When you aren't ready to fight, or don't want to lose soldiers in battle, you can choose to bribe the invaders of. The amount of money you pay to bribe depends on enemy army size and the difficulty level on which you play. The enemy army size, however, doesn't depend on difficulty level.

The bribe costs also give you an estimation of how many soldiers will appear on the map when you choose to fight.

This table shows you how the bribe depends on difficulty: (Hero is set to 100%)

Difficulty levelBribe (%)

Land invasions

Each rabble, spearman, archer or whatever which doesn't have a horse is set to 100 dr per soldier. All horsemen are 200 dr.
So if you have to pay 2000 drachmas on Hero level, you can expect about 20 soldiers, but this is usually fewer since horses count double.

Examples: bribery costs with an invasion of maximal 20, 50 and 100 soldiers, and the maximum of 256 soldiers of which 30% are horses:

Difficulty Max 20 Max 50 Max 100 256
Beginner 500 1250 2500 8250
Mortal 1500 3750 7500 24750
Hero 2000 5000 10000 33000
Titan 2500 6250 12500 41250
Olympian 3500 8750 17500 57750

Sea invasions

Sea invasions cost the same as land invasions, but if there are warships in the enemy's army, you pay 800 dr. extra (Hero) for each warship.

Cost overview

Difficulty ArcherHopliteHorsemanWarship
Beginner 252550200
Mortal 7575150600
Hero 100100200800
Titan 1251252501000
Olympian 1751753501400

Average cost per soldier

Divide the bribe cost by this number and you'll have the number of soldiers that will invade your city.

NationAverage cost
Greek 3090120150210
Trojan 32.597.5130162.5227.5
Persian 32.597.5130162.5227.5
Centaur 2575100125175
Amazon 2575100125175
Egyptian 3090120150210
Mayan 2575100125175
Phoenician 32.597.5130162.5227.5
Oceanid 2575100125175
Atlantean 32.597.5130162.5227.5