Walkers: Science

Unlike culture in Greece, Atlanteans prefer the wonders of science, whether it be knowledge from books, stars, or inventions.
All walkers on this page are only available in Poseidon, and only in Atlantean cities.




The scholar studies books in the bibliotheke and comes out eventually to teach other people the things he has learned or tells you in famous quotes what's going on in your city.



from University to Observatory

Astronomers are trained at the university and then walk to the observatory to prove their skills in stargazing. After they've seen the night-sky, they walk around the city and tell other people the marvels of the universe.



from Inventor's Workshop to Laboratory

Inventors get their study at the inventors' workshop and then go to the laboratory to try things out. When they invented something new, they come out of the laboratory to tell all people they see about their invention.



from University to Museum

Curators learn at the university how to tend the collection at the museum. Once they've learned enough, they walk to the museum. When there's an interesting collection exhibited at the museum, they come out and tell everybody to visit it.

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