Walkers: Other

These workers make sure that the city is in a good condition and help to get money in.

water bearers

Water Bearers


The water bearers drag a large bowl of water around the streets to give water to anyone who needs it. Fresh water is one of the most important things in life and your citizens don't want to live without it. Elite houses have their own fountain.




The healer from an infirmary makes sure that the people don't use too primitive means to heal the sick. He'll teach them how to use medicines and cures the ones who are sick. With a healer walking past often, you prevent plague in your city.



Maintenance Office

The superintendent from a maintenance office inspects buildings and makes sure that they are stable and have no fire risk. Without him, the city would soon trash down or go up in flames.




Watchmen patrol the street and make sure that no one thinks of being a criminal. If he encounters a vandal, thief or disgruntled citizen, he tries to convince him to be good, if that fails, he'll kill the rebel. If he encounters an enemy, he will do the best he can to kill him.



Tax Office

The clerk walks past houses and forces them to pay tax. Tax is an important city-income, and you sure want to tax the elites, they pay a lot!




Priests work at a sanctuary and please the gods with their service. One of these services is regular offers of animals, or food if there are no animals. Priests will take goats, sheep and cattle to offer.



Artisans' Guild

Artisans works at your sanctuaries or pyramids, making them as good-looking as possible. They need a delivery of marble, wood or sculptures to go on with their work.



Trade Post

If you can trade by land with a city, and have a tradepost in your city, you'll see this fat trader walking in your city with his donkeys behind him. Merchants can buy and sell 8 loads at a time.



belongs to the merchant

The donkey is the animal that carries the loads of a merchant. Each merchant has 2 donkeys, who can each carry 4 loads.

trade ship

Trade Ship


If you have built a pier, you may see these big ships sailing around in your waters. They can buy and sell 12 loads of goods at a time.

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