Walkers: Industry

When your city is a bit evolved, you'll notice loads of industry people roaming around.



Timber Mill

The lumberjack cuts down trees and brings them to the timber mill. There planks of wood are made of 4 trees. The trees he cuts down need some time to regrow again.



Masonry Shop or Black Marble Workshop (Poseidon only)

Stonecutters cut large blocks of marble out of the quarry and bring it back to the masonry shop or black marble shop, where it is converted into smaller slabs of marble.

copper miner

Copper Miner


The copper miner extracts copper ore from a copper ore-bearing rock. When he has mined enough copper, he brings it to the foundry, where it is forged into bars of bronze.

silver miner

Silver Miner


The silver miner digs precious silver from a silver ore-bearing rock, if the city is blessed with the rocks. He brings his bag with silver to the mint, where it is converted into "cold hard coins".



Refinery (Poseidon only)

Metallurgists mine the mysterious red ore called orichalc. He brings his load of orichalc back to the refinery, where it is converted into cartloads of orichalc.


Deliveryman for light loads/pushcart

This deliveryman brings all kind of goods from workshops to storehouses or from food buildings to granaries. His cart is suitable for the lighter loads.

ox cart

Deliveryman for heavy loads/ox cart

(Greek cities)

This deliveryman will lead the ox cart with 2 or more oxes before it. The cart only carries heavy loads, such as marble, wood and sculptures.

elephant cart

Deliveryman for heavy loads/elephant cart

(Atlantean cities)

This deliveryman is the Atlantean counterpart of the ox cart man, the only difference is that he rides an elephant, a native animal in the continent of Atlantis.

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