Walkers: Husbandry

Husbandry workers provide your city with food and other natural goods.



Growers' Lodge

The grower makes sure that the growing olives from an olive tree and the grapes of a grapevine are in perfect condition. When the fruits are ripe, he will pick them off the trees.



Orange Tenders' Lodge (Poseidon only)

Tenders look after orange trees, making sure that the next harvest is the best in a century. When the oranges are ripe, they will pluck them off the trees and make them ready for consumption.




Goatherds care for the goats in the city, chasing away any wolves roaming near the goat. When the goat is ready to be milked, the goatherd will get his bucket and milk it. After milking, cheese is made from the milk.



Carding Shed

Shepherd tend sheep, making sure their skin is as good as possible to give the best whool ever. They sheer the sheep when the time is ripe, and make it into fleece.



Corral (Poseidon only)

Ranchers bring new calves to the herd, and take old cows to be butchered. The rancher won't herd the cattle, so watch out for wolves, they love meat.

fishing boat

Fishing Boat


The fishing boat is built at the fishery, and sails out to catch fish. When the fishermen have enough fish, the boat returns to the fishery to unload the catch.

urchin gatherer

Urchin Gatherer

Urchin Quay

The urchin gatherer wades to the urchin spot and dives for the prickly urchins. But he has to watch out for their spines! If he has enough urchins, he wades back to the urchin quay to unload his food.


Boar Hunter

Hunting Lodge

The boar hunter hunts the wild boar living in the country. He has to be very skilled, because sometimes it's not the boar that lies dead in the field.

deer hunter

Deer Hunter

Hunting Lodge (Poseidon only)

Deer hunters have an easier job than boar hunters: the deer are fast, but easy to kill. He hunts down the animals and takes them back to the hunting lodge.

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