Walkers: Citizens

Immigrants, emigrants, vandals, nobleman... all kind of citizens who live, lived or want to live in your city.



This family is eager to live in your city. They will move in as soon as there is empty space in the housing in your city.



This family doesn't like your city at all, they are leaving because of that. Reasons include low wages, high unemployment, city debt and high taxes.



This poor chap doesn't have a home to live in. Two reasons can be given: his house devolved or you decided to clear the house. He will search for another home, or, if there isn't one, leave the city.



(Disgruntled Citizen, Mugger, Thief)

These people don't like you and your city very much, their grief can be caused by different reasons. The acts of vandalism vary from complaining on the street to completely destroying an elite home.



Elite housing

This noble man lives in an elite house and you can see it too: he gets enough to eat! This man walks around the street to prevent vandals from robbing or razing his house.

plagued citizen

Plagued Citizen

This old and sick man is the result of a bad city health. When a plague strikes, you'll see him slowly walking the streets, seeking someone who can heal him from the plague.

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