Walkers: Culture

Culture is on a high priority in Greece. People like watching plays, hear what philosophers think of the world and keep themselves healthy in a gymnasium.




The athlete trains at the gymnasium. He will come out to show his muscles to everyone in the vicinity and encourage them to train too.



from Drama School to Theater

This actor is trained at the drama school and walks to the theater when he has learned enough. He will brag to everyone he sees about the fantastic plays that are performed at the theater (with him in the leading part of course).



from College to Podium

The philosophers studies at the college until he's ready to give his own lectures at the podium. If he isn't thinking about something in life, he's wandering the streets telling people all he knows.



from Gymnasium to Stadium

Some athletes at the gymnasium are so well-trained that they are chosen to perform at the stadium. They will walk to it and start competiting with other competitors. If a competitor has won, he goes out on the street to tell everyone of his victory.

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