Walkers: Agora

The agora is the most important building if you want to upgrade your housing to a better level. Here you'll see the walkers working at the agora.




The peddler distributes goods in his agora to the houses he passes. If a vendor comes back to the agora with newly bought goods, the peddler can sell them immediately.

food vendor

Food Vendor

The food vendor gets food from the nearest granary to bring to the agora. What kind of food (wheat, cheese, fish, etc.) that is, doesn't matter. The food vendor takes 8 loads on the very first trip and 6 or less on any subsequent trips to granaries.

fleece vendor

Fleece Vendor

The fleece vendor gets fleece from the nearest storehouse for the agora. He will fetch 4 loads of fleece at a time, and gets another two if the stock in the agora drops below 200.

oil vendor

Oil Vendor

The oil vendor gets oil from the nearest storehouse and brings it to the agora so it can be distributed. He takes 4 loads of olive oil from the storehouse, and gets another 2 if the agora has less than 200 units in stock.

arms vendor

Arms Vendor

He gets arms from a storehouse, so the peddler can distribute it to the elite housing that need armor. He will get 4 loads at a time.

wine vendor

Wine Vendor

The wine vendor brings 4 loads of wine from a storehouse to the agora, so the elite people will get drunk soon. To be sure there is enough wine to keep them drunk, he will get another 2 loads as soon as the stock drops below 200 units.

horse vendor

Horse Vendor

(also seen as horse collector for hippodrome and chariot maker in Poseidon)

The horse vendor from an agora will get horses from a horse ranch to serve in battle. This fat guy is also seen collecting horses for a hippodrome or getting horses for the chariot factory (Poseidon)

chariot vendor

Chariot Vendor

(Poseidon only)

The chariot vendor is only active in Atlanis and Atlantean cities. He will fetch horses and chariots from the chariot factory, so the elite people can join battle in impressive chariots.


Vendor Assistant

This always-complaining guy brings the goods from all vendors (except the horse and chariot vendor) to the agora. Each assistant carries one load, so the row with assistants can get quite long (8 max; food)

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