Food & Industry Production Table

Husbandry & Raw Materials

Building Distance to source Loads/year Maximum distance to storage
Wheat FarmN/A8about 300
Carrot FarmN/A8about 300
Onion FarmN/A8about 300
Dairyup to 407-840
Carding shedup to 407-840
Corralup to 2012-1423
Growers' lodgeclose205-10*1
Orange tenders' lodgeclose155-10*1
Hunting lodgeup to 2012*227
Fishing wharfclose1325
up to 208-1040
Urchin quayclose1325
up to 208-1040

up to 101032
up to 207-846
Mintclose600-700 drN/A
up to 10500 drN/A
up to 20300-400 drN/A
Timber millclose1325
up to 101032
up to 207-846
Masonry shopup to 201227
Black marble workshop up to 201227

Workshops & Military

InputBuildingOutput Loads/year Maximum distance to storage
Olive press 654
Winery 6 54
x4 Sculpture studio 6 54
Armory 6 54
Horse ranch 6 horsesN/A*3
+ Chariot factory 6 chariotsN/A*3

*1: Because grower's lodges and orange tender's lodges produce all of their yearly output in a few months, the distance to a storehouse has to be small, less than 5-8 tiles is preferrable.

*2: The yearly output of one Hunting Lodge depends on the number of prey points and the number of lodges you have. One prey point spawns an animal per month, so one hunting lodge per prey spawn point will get the 12 loads per year.

*3: I put a 'N/A' for 'max distance to storage' for the horse ranch and chariot factory because they store their own output. However, those buildings do need to be within 40 tiles of a building that actually uses those goods. In case of the horse ranch, this is a horse trainer (agora), a chariot factory or a hippodrome, for the chariot factory this is the chariot vendor (agora)