Housing Requirements

Maybe the most important buildings in any citybuilder game are the houses. Houses provide you with workers, and also soldiers.

In Zeus and Poseidon there are two types of houses: common houses and elite houses. Common houses are 2x2 tiles, elite 4x4. In order to upgrade the housing to a better level, you need to provide them with goods and services.

Below is a table in which you can see what each level of housing requires, more specific data, for example crime and health numbers, are available in the housing models.

Soldiers *
Common Housing
Hovelwater + culture/science245
Homesteadfleece + appeal326
Tenementmore culture/science4010
Apartmentoil + appeal4812
Townhouseappeal + more culture/science6015
Elite Housing
Residence3 types of culture + appeal60
Mansionarmor + more culture/science + appeal102 hoplites/
Manorwine + more culture/science + appeal164 hoplites/
Estatehorses + all culture/science + appeal204 horsemen/

Notes: to build elite housing, you need 2 crates of food, 1 skein of fleece, 1 jug of olive oil and a high-appeal area.

*) each rabble/archer soldier in the field represents 6 people