Guestbook: Older Entries

Guestbook entries from the good old times at Topcities, back in 2001...

Location: Oregon
Great site, will be exploring it in detail.
Lisa Parks
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Good to find your site! I am still trying to get Poseidon to run.
Location: Sydney, Australia
Excellent Site! Definitely the best site I've seen for Poseidon.
Much more informative than the Impressions Games site.
I've been hoping that Prima would release a strategy guide for
Poseidon as they did for Zeus, but this is just as good!

Keep up the great work!
Location: United States
I am new at Poseidon Adventures and received the game for Christmas. SUPER !

I am seeking a quest for NEW strategic adventures and luv your website ... chocked full of info to learn and build upon knowledge of understanding the game itself.

I am also a descendent of Troy and Native American which u can view at my new website ...

And Im a big fan of Tomb Raider the Movie and Angelina Jolie !

Sometimes it is said that one cannot see the stars for the heavens and sometimes one cannot see the heavens for the stars ... Mysteries of Trox



Location: Ontario, Canada
This is the best site for Zeus I've ever saw.
It has all the information I need, since I just bought Acropolis with Zeus and Poseidon.
I am truly grateful as this site exists.
The Greek God
Location: Israel originally (now in Maryland)
Best game, Best site!!
Location: Bulgaria
The bestest game ever
Location: bobville
good site! The only thing you desperatly need is HOUSING BLOCKS FOR POSEIDON!
Location: USA!
THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I think I will now go build the bestest of best cities ever, thanks for the tips and housing blocks.
how did you get the graphics? and how did you make those!!!!!
Location: Chattanooga,TN
nice site
Location: IL, USA
Nice.. but please put some poseidon housing blocks for us.. it's very nice site
Location: Hillsboro,Mo.
Excellent site for info on Zeus. This kind of info is hard to find. Thanks for carrying on from Grumpus.
Location: WI
Great site-Lots of help, Thanks
Location: Columbia, SC
Tremendous effort, very nice site. Thanks so much for the housing ideas. Tired of the same old ones!
Location: MiaMi, Florida
I like the site, good info, and you dont hold anything back.
Great job!
Location: Mexico
Great Job. Thanks, it was of great assitance
Location: Cincinnati, OH
LOVE your site.
A big help.
Location: UK
Great web site, really wish there where more cheats though.I think they should make another expansion pack as well.
Location: Hungary, Budapest
How can I send my housingblocks? I have a good one I think.
Location: Arizona,USA
Congratulations on a tremendous site, very well done and very informative. Although I haven't played Zeus/Poseidon much, I have been in the process of gathering information surrounding the game, your site is like a one stop/one shop information kiosk. I especially like the various housing blocks and particularly all the data tables. You have done an excellent job with your site and should be extremely proud of yourself...again, congratulations

Sincerely, StarKey
Location: Slovakia
Pecunia, this is really perfect page. What I could not find on Heaven games, I found on your page and it has helped me a lot when playing Poseidon. Graphics is very nice, too.
Location: Milford, NJ
Pretty cool site :)
Just curious, and anxious to see some housing blocks for Poseidon. I have you added to my favorites. I'll definatle keep checking back!
Keep up the excellent work you're doing!
Location: Alberta
WOW, what an awesome site. Keep it up.
Shumit Ebne Taher
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Great Job. 

Keep it up
jack aka Sir Dumbicus
Location: Maine in the USA
Great site Pecunia and extremely well detailed. Love the wallpaper as well and am using it now.
Michael Ian de Souza
Location: Singapore
Great website Pecunia!
Much better than mine I must say!
Keep up the good work and all the best!
Location: -
Location: Houston TX
Pecunia, this is an excellent site.
I also have it bookmarked for future reference.

My review would read something like, "The most comprehensive data site for Zeus on the Internet." Congratulations on a job well done.
Location: Belgium
This is the greatest site of the hole web
Location: Malaysia
Cool site Pecunia :)
I have it bookmarked!
Location: The netherlands
Your site really looks good !!
Thanks for the help with my site

:D See you
Location: India
Hey there Pecunia.
Excellent site.
The color scheme is great & the info is really comprehensive.
Thanx. :-D
Location: UK
Wow...! What a great site...

Pecunia, your usual skill and expertise shine through...!

Well done darlin'